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DESTINY OF THE LIGHT is the first novel of my “Shadow Through Time” fantasy trilogy published by Momentum Books, the eBook arm of Pan Macmillan Australia.  It contains elements of romance, magic and horror, taking a woman from our world into the earthworld of Ennae; a sepia world joined to ours by the Sacred Pool.  Talis, her appointed Guardian helps her through the dangerous terrain of Ennae, sacrificing everything to love, ensuring her safety in a land where magic prevails and nothing is as it seems.  To fulfill her destiny as The Light – the woman whose child will join the four elemental worlds – Khatrene must overcome her amnesia and regain her childhood memories of Ennae while thwarting the plans of an erotic Shadow Woman, a mysterious tattooed man, a warrior Plainswoman, Ennae’s best swordsman and ultimately her own beloved brother.

Her journey takes her to the royal Volcastle atop an active volcano, through the Forest of Desire where every sexual fantasy is fulfilled, the labyrinth of the Altar Caves, soul-destroying Rue Marsh and the haze enshrouded Plains where danger lies in every shadow.  Murder and betrayal follows Khatrene, and as the horrifying secrets of the past are revealed, she must struggle to stay alive and protect the powerful child growing within her from its own father, a man who she discovers has systematically destroyed her whole family.

Destiny of The Light combines heroic courage and sacrifice with believable human frailties, and the purest of love with the most despicable betrayals of trust…

DAUGHTER OF THE DARK is the second novel in the “Shadow Through Time” fantasy trilogy.  It follows the fate of Lae, the daughter of The Dark, and her betrothed Pagan of the house of Guardians who become separated.  Pagan is only seventeen and barely able to control his Guardian powers yet he has been given the task of championing the most consequential child ever born, the newborn child of The Light – Glimmer – who will grow to become the Catalyst.  Pagan is injured as he and the babe flee their brown homeworld of Ennae, arriving in the strange rainbow-hued world of Magoria (our Earth), helpless and friendless.

Small town funeral direct, Sarah McGuire finds them and her home becomes their sanctuary, however Sarah’s forthright manner takes some getting used to.  Pagan struggles to adapt, for he has little choice.  He knows nothing of caring for a babe and already shoulders the burden of not only hiding his own healing powers in a world that is as confusing as it is contradictory, but as Glimmer grows he must also hide the frightening intelligence locked inside her child’s body.

On Ennae, the world they have fled, Lae is kidnapped by the cruelest of the noblemen and forced to care for a child that is not her own.  The fearful firegod of Haddash, Kraal, has made a pact with The Dark, Lae’s evil father.  In return for a magical talisman now held by the Plainsmen, Kraal will give The Dark sovereignty over Ennae, yet little does he know that The Dark’s ambitions now lean towards power over all four worlds.  There is no place in either of their plans for Glimmer to live.

On the airworld of Atheyre, The Light and her lover Talis watch on helplessly, unable to protect Pagan, Lae or Glimmer from the evil that conspires against them, and  behind all is the inexorable Maelstrom, growing in strength and momentum.  Before it destroys the four elemental worlds, Glimmer must return to Ennae and face those who would have her dead.  Only one thing can distract her from fulfilling her destiny, yet that one thing is exactly what she needs to bring peace to the four worlds…

GLIMMER IN THE MAELSTROM is the third and final novel in the “Shadow Through Time” fantasy trilogy.  It follows the fate of the young Catalyst, Glimmer who has strayed far from her destiny to join the four elemental worlds the Maelstrom is tearing apart.  An accidental touch of the Plainsman Memory Stone infects her with emotions for the first time in her life.  Glimmer’s analytical judgement is instantly distorted and her sudden and desperate attachment to the coldest of the nobles, Kert Sh’hale prompts her to abduct him.  They travel to the Fireworld of Haddash where her clumsy seduction, unwelcome by Kert, allows the Serpent of Death’s son to escape.

Glimmer’s mother Khatrene and her Guardian lover Talis struggle under the rule of Khatrene’s White Twin brother King Mihale who has been compassionless and perverse since his revival from death on the airworld of Atheyre.  The only other remaining Guardian, Pagan, hopes to rekindle his betrothal to Lae, their new religious leader, but her grief at the loss of her son and her husband seems too great a barrier to cross.

On the waterworld of Magoria (our Earth)  the son of Pagan and Sarah who was left behind as duty called Pagan back to Ennae – Vandal – has turned into a young man.  When tragedy steals Vandal’s future  his bitterness toward his father for abandoning him becomes deadly as he uses his own Guardian power to follow Pagan into Ennae to exact revenge, intent on destroying the one thing his father loves most.

Overshadowing all is the Maelstrom, inexorable, relentless, pouring elements from one world into another, causing destruction and death on an unprecedented scale.  The cetaceans of Magoria and the Cliffdwellers of Ennae have ascended to the airworld of Atheyre, but those races who remain are in the deepest peril.

In the end, Glimmer must overcome her own selfish desires to follow her destiny, giving up everything she holds dear to fight the Serpent of Death and steal a future for the remnants of mankind…

AVAILABILITY: These novels will be released Internationally as eBooks by Momentum Books in early 2012.  I’ll have links for purchasing as soon as they become available.

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