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Last day of the year.  It’s traditionally a time for people to create resolutions for the coming year, but I’d like to suggest something that comes first:


Whether 2011 was a great year or a crappy year for you, I’d like you to take five minutes out to be grateful for what’s going well in your life right now: for what’s beautiful, what’s honest and what’s good.  A rowdy child’s laughter.  The purr of a cat.  The soft colours of sunset.  A beautifully sculpted sentence – yours or someone else’s.  The scent of cut grass.  A hug.  Look at where you are right now, and feel how lucky you are, especially compared to people in other parts of the world.  Food.  A roof over your head.  And so much more.  Don’t sweat the small stuff because the big picture is awesome!

Life is too precious to be wasted on regrets, lost dreams or failed hopes.  Make new dreams!  Take chances, and live.  But never forget to be grateful, for therein lies the road to happiness.